Generate is an iOS & Android application that I was involved for two years, as a co-founder and CTO of the starup Generate Media. I was a team lead, driving a team of creative programmers across the iOS and Android clients.

The Generate application is a photo filter app, using largely custom filters written in OpenGl-ES. Above and beyond simple image filters, users could capture video, make the filters audio reactive, and stack filters for unbelievable effects. On top of this, I had to handle Geolocation, user management, database access, social sharing, cryptography, and financial transactions in the development.

More information on the project can be seen on the Generate page. The iOS application can be downloaded from the App Store, the Android application can be downloaded from Google Play. Source code is not available, as this is a private repository.

Generate from Generate App on Vimeo.

Generate at Decibel Festival 2014 from Generate App on Vimeo.