Light Rider

Light Rider is a cargo bike fitted out for use as a mobile audio-visual unit. It was funded and constructed as part of my involvement with Graffiti Research Lab Germany, and was designed and built in homage to the av trikes from GRL's in the US, Austria, and Canada. It is equipped to hold the necessary gear for BlitzTag sessions and can also be used for political actions and other public interventions. The Light Rider allows for easily mobilizing groups into spontaneous actions that are not fixed to a single location.

The Light Rider is GRL Germany’s “Mobile Broadcast Unit”, a mobile audio-visual projection rig consisting of:
* Front-loading Cargo Tricycle with 100 Kilo capacity
* 2 Deep Cycle Batteries with combined 180 Ah
* A 600 Watt Sine Wave Inverter
* Flexible Laptop, Camera, and Projector stand
* Digital Stereo Sound System with 101db audio pressure
* 4.5K ANSI Lumens Projector

The project page can be seen at GRLG -> Light Rider.

blitzTag + Light Rider premiere from Jesse Scott on Vimeo.