Original GCode

Original GCode is a hardware/software package designed to allow graffiti tags and drawings to be easily captured via a webcam, and export the ensuing shape data to various formats for 2D and 3D fabrication.
Built as part of Graffiti Research Lab Germany, in extension to the SVG2BVG project.
For more information and source code, visit graffitiresearchlab.de/​original-gcode.


We built a 60x42x42 cm wooden box with a camera frame in the bottom, and a 59×41 cm sheet of 0.5 cm plexiglass, along with semi-opaque gauze, then a sheet of acetate, and a black dry erase marker.
Construction was done at our favourite maker lab, Open Design City.


OriginalGCode was built entirely in Processing, and makes use of:
* the Blob Detection library by V3GA,
* the GML4U library byJérôme Saint-Clair,
* the ControlP5 library by Andreas Schlegel,
* the Super Fast Blur algorithm by Mario Klingemann,
* was helped tremendously by Cedric Keifer from Onformative,
* and of course, all the good folk on the Processing Forum.

OriginalGCode Part1: Construction from Jesse Scott on Vimeo.

OriginalGCode Part2: Software from Jesse Scott on Vimeo.