PWN The Wall

PWN The Wall was a 25 hour interactive digital graffiti event connecting Vancouver, Berlin, and Seoul.

Created by GRL members in Canada, Germany, and South Korea, PWN THE WALL uses open-source technology to collapse geographical space through a real-time telematic exchange. Simultaneous live digital painting events in all three cities showcased local graffiti writers. The installation was interactive and open to the public for the duration of PWN THE WALL.

PWN THE WALL continued our collaboration with German colleagues at GRL Germany.
After working together to create ‘Light Rider’ (mobile projection bike) and Original G-Code (live drawing to 3-D fabrication system), our collectively-run groups developed the technology to produce digital graffiti that was live-streamed and re-projected, collapsing geographical space through a series of public events and ongoing interactive installations. GRL Canada Members include Jesse Scott & Mirae Rosner with Semiramis Ceylan, Hauke Altmann and Achim Kern comprising the main team at GRL Germany.

The final installation took the form of a networked 3-Channel video installation, with one interactive screen for each city, and two screens that represent real time updates from the interactive screens in the other two cities. During certain times, commissioned graffiti writers created custom pieces on the interactive wall, and these pieces were also projected on a much larger surface, drawing remote graffiti on the local, urban fabric.

We coded and produced and distributing this project exclusively through open-source tools and technologies. PWN THE WALL furthers our ongoing commitment to urban interventions that take graffiti into the digital age through open approaches to community and technology.

More information can be seen at the GRL Germany and GRL Canada project pages.

PWN THE WALL from seemiramis on Vimeo.