Rockheim is the Norwegian Museum of Rock & Roll (seriously!), located in beautiful Trondheim, Norway. I was contracted by Parallel World Labs, an internationally renowned interactive agency, to consult on technical installation of a/v equipment, the server room, and the network architecture... Following that, I stepped onto the programming team for an extended development period, and then was part of the post-launch support team. All told, I spent 11 months there!

Working with a talented team of artists, designers, and technologists, I ended up touching over a dozen exhibits - out of 20 or so - as part of my work there. Programming largely in Touch Designer, I implemented technlogies such as motion capture and OpenCV algorithms, Infrared sensors, DMX-controlled laser photocells, RFID triggers, multitouch screens, and multichannel audio and video playback... On top of this, I wrote custom software to implement networking state machines and CMS manipulation.

More information on the project can be seen on PWL's site and in an article on the Derivative site.