SonicDrift is an Android application that detects GPS and allow users to record and playback sounds from their environment.

It was built in Processing, especially for Android, and once downloaded and installed, operates offline.
This means that it can be used in virtually any location on the GPS grid.
Recorded sounds are attached to a particular GPS point, stored within the app, and played back whenever a user passes through the point again.

We have begun to apply SonicDrift to different contexts, creating sound walks with functions such as audio tours and experiental walks.
The app can be used to record anecdotes, stories, environmental sounds, and other field recordings.
Each particular landscape generates a different set of sounds, pathways, and relationship to scale.

SonicDrift has been developed as part of the Nordic & Baltic Sea Residency m.a.r.i.n. 2011: Cartography and the Everyday at Sea.

More information for the project can be seen on the memelab site, and the source code for the project is available on my GitHub.

SonicDrift betatest at Kultivator from the memelab on Vimeo.

SonicDrift | Techno-Ecologies from the memelab on Vimeo.