The Art Box

The Art Box was a public art commission from the City of North Vancouver for their annual Studio In The City program. I was approached and asked to direct a digital art project in tandem with the instructors from the Digital Media Academy at Argyle Secondary.

I led and worked with 12 high school students to identify a design problem for the site-specific install location at Lonsdale Quay, and we collectively decided to design an outdoor interactive video gallery showcasing youth artwork.

In the end, we built a three-channel sequenced video installation controlled by a 3D imaging camera, that unmasked the artwork underneath the silhouette of the user as they moved their bodies in front of the screens.

The homepage for the project can be seen at and the source code for the project is available on my GitHub. Thanks to Leó Stefánsson and Patrick Daggitt.

The Art Box from Jesse Scott on Vimeo.