blitzTag is a software application written as part of my involvement with Graffiti Research Lab Germany. Achim Kern was the lead programmer on the project, and I undertook an assistant role in the development.

The project aims to be a successor to the original L.A.S.E.R. Tag project written by the members of the original GRL Chapter in NYC.

The program allows users to track a laser pointer - or any other sufficiently bright light source - with a camera, and feeds the XY coordinates of the laser to the software in realtime, whereupon it renders the point like a pen stroke, according to various visual parameters the user has set, so that it feels like you are drawing on a surface in realtime. It is often used in accordance with LARGE walls and BRIGHT projectors, with canvases upwards of 75 feet in diameter, so that it becomes a very public and political event.

The software was written in Touch Designer, a graphical programming environment made for realtime graphical control, and which has been expanded into a comprehensive toolkit for digital artists.

More information can be seen at GRLG -> Blitz Tag and the source code can be found on the GRLG GitHub.

blitzTag at Vigo Transforma Festival 2011 from Achim Kern on Vimeo.

blitzTag + Light Rider premiere from Jesse Scott on Vimeo.