"Jesse Scott creates and exhibits work in the genre formerly known as new media."

I am:
an artist + creative coder,
designer + visualist,
curator + producer,
writer + educator.

Under various aliases and operating within several artist collectives, I produce work for live performance, for site-specific actions, for listening, for viewing, for reading…

My work has spanned the domains of a/v performance, locative media, telematics, improvisational practice, urban projection, installation design, smartphone applications, public workshops, and the written word.

Alongside Mirae Rosner, I ran the memelab, and co-founded both the Canadian and German chapters of Graffiti Research Lab, and the Vancouver and Berlin chapters of Processing Cities.

Formerly, I was a member of The Butchershop, a non-denominational art space, NTSC, an audio-visual collective, and was President of Balcone Art Society.

I have curated for the memelab, New Forms Festival, Balcone Art Society, Mobile Muse, The Butchershop, Nuclei of Telematic Sound and Cinematics, The Upgrade!, SWARM, and Gallery Gachet.

I currently teach creative programming and smartphone development at several universities and media arts centres in Vancouver, and have led workshops across North America and Europe.

I have been the recipient of several awards, grants, artist residencies, and commissions, and have been exhibited extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.